New Construction Facts You need to know.

The idea of owning a new home might sound somehow romantic to many, yet, when you think about it from the perspective of: should I buy an existing home??? …or… should I buy a new home??? … now, you get your thinking cap on.

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Let’s explore these 5 simple facts:

  1. A new home smells great!
  2. Roofing replacement after 30 yrs.
  3. Plumbing lasts for decades.
  4. Paint will last at least 7-9 yrs.
  5. You buy at market value and usually build equity faster.

When you buy a Viamar Home, you’ll enjoy many other perks that no other builder or contractor will ever dare to match… simply because we are Real Estate Developers… and we understand the needs and wants of families at a deeper level. Period.

Take advantage of the prices now.

Take advantage of the current real estate market conditions in Cape Coral.

Take advantage of our flexibility to help you own your new home.

Take advantage of the time, you need time to build wealth for you and your family now.

Let’s talk! We’ll help you become a happy homeowner in 2021… start building a new future for you and your family… 786.663.0514

We are here for you! 786.663.0514

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