How to use your Garage Other than to Park Your Car.

We see, for example, a garage, and assume it’s the place to park our cars and/or store things. We often forget to use our imagination and see things outside the box. 

Garages are interesting, versatile spaces. They can be transformed into whatever you want them to be. Check out the different ways you can have another interesting, exciting and fun space.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow:

Bright and airy, this garage-turned-living-room mixes comfort and style with midcentury modern furniture grounded by a shag area rug. For an extra dose of natural light, the typical garage door was traded out for one that creates an eye-catching wall of windows.

Modern Lounge Living

Multifunctional and oh-so-stylish, this garage is an escape-worthy lounge, dining area and garden workstation. Statement-making artwork adds bold color to the space while contemporary furnishings pull their hues from the abstract piece. Pairs of modern sofas, tufted leather armchairs and octagonal coffee tables combine for an intimate gathering and conversation spot.

For the Kiddos

Dedicate a space for kids to get the wiggles out, especially for those days when outside play is not an option. Smart D2 Playrooms converted this three-car garage into a kid’s gym complete with climbing wall, climbing rope, tumble mats, saucer swings, art center and individual nooks for the kids.

Wellness and Fitness Space

No, we’re not talking a home gym. If barbells and punching bags are your thing, then that’s awesome. But if fitness for you is more about creative exercises and yoga, then a studio can be built out of your garage. Obviously for most modern fitness spaces you’re going to need a lot of floor room.

The biggest part of this renovation is putting in a floor that you don’t mind being barefoot or walking around on. Consider putting in built in yoga mats for additional fitness space. You may also want to consider setting up a small bed or sleeping platform, stocking a fridge and kitchenette with place to make smoothies and juices. Additionally, consider a meditation space for you to get lost in yourself to recover yourself. Get creative and you can put up a ton of awesome, functional fitness centers in a single small space.

Studio or Sleep Space

Your garage, if attached or unattached, can be turned into a really cool studio apartment or simply a spare bedroom. If you’re feeling more ambitious and want to create a studio apartment, you can even rent out that apartment to help out with rent. If you don’t have a studio apartment vibe then you can create an extra bedroom or living room that is primed to sleep and entertain guests. 

Work Space

This could go in a couple of different directions. First of all, you could have a job that you bring home often or do from home. Then you could replicate an office or creative space in your garage to facilitate the best kind of work. Plus, you can use the garage space to create a different kind of workspace. Set up a no phone space by putting a bucket for your phone at the door when you walk in. Provide additional music or lighting that facilitates your best kind of work.


Make watching TV something that doesn’t just happen in bed with your phone or in front of the couch as you veg out and let the day wash away. Make TV something that is artistic and intentional by setting up the perfect space for it to unfold, in your very own home cinema. Now, if plush red theatre seats and popcorn machines are your thing, that’s awesome. But you aren’t restricted by the old guard of Hollywood. It can be a horror movie retreat or a modern art cinema space complete with vision boards and a movie journal.

SOURCE: Overhead doors Tampa


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