Unique Christmas Home Traditions.

The holiday season is all about making memories! And we can promise: Your kids and elderly parents will remember the time you spent together far longer than what gifts they receive this year. Plus, establishing a tradition that’s unique to your family is something everyone will cherish in the years ahead. It’s a chance to think about what really matters to your family, and then to make it happen.

Here are a Few Simple ways to make your family holiday even more special.

Collect Memento Christmas Ornaments

One of the most touching ways to mark the passing years is to honor each holiday season with a custom ornament, either made by hand or purchased at the store. Whether you’ve moved or sent your first child to kindergarten, you’ll be flooded with memories each time you pull that trinket out of storage to hang it with care.

Make a DIY Photo Booth

You might associate them with weddings and other big events, but making your own at photo booth is a great way to create mementos to share. You won’t need much more than a digital camera or iPad on a tripod, a background to tape on the wall (a wildly-patterned blanket or finger-painted paper both work), bright lightbulbs to flatter all your angles, and a little floor space for posing. Throw in some inexpensive funny hats and fake mustaches to tap into your family’s silly side, and you’ve officially got a party going on.

Buy Matching Christmas Pajamas

The night before Christmas, don identical jammies for an adorable family portrait.

Sit Down for a Special Brunch

Once presents have been torn through, gather the family together for one last holiday celebration—a special brunch. Menu options are boundless, from French toast, to lox and bagels, to egg casseroles. If you want to tap some other holiday traditions, take a nod from Australia and serve shrimp, or turn to ruby red pomegranate, which symbolizes abundance and life. And, of course, don’t forget to add a yummy Christmas cocktail, like cranberry prosecco punch or spiked hot chocolate.

Write Letters to Santa

This sweet Christmas tradition is actually relatively modern, originating in the late 19th century, according to TIME. How exactly did children start penning letters and lists to Santa? Cartoonist Thomas Nast published some of the first visual representations of Saint Nick in Harper’s Weekly, including an 1871 image of Santa Claus sorting mail at his desk. In the image, one pile is labeled “letters from naughty children’s parents,” while another reads “letters from good children’s parents.”

Do Holiday Crafts

Whether you DIY gifts, make your own holiday cards, assemble festive garlanddecorate stockings, or create an entire Christmas village, hosting a family crafternoon is one of the most fun ways to get into the spirit. Turn on some classic Christmas music, warm up a mug of hot chocolate, and get to work. To spread a little holiday cheer, hand deliver your handiwork to elderly neighbors who could use a little company.

Participate in a Secret Santa

This tradition goes by several other names, including “Pollyanna,” and it’s played by families and office coworkers alike. How does it work exactly? Participants select a name at random (usually out of a hat), then shop for a small present—typically under $20 or so—for that person. Sometimes, offices may opt for a White Elephant, or Yankee Swap, instead. The concept is similar, but in these cases, participants draw gifts blindly out of a bag, trading prizes until the game concludes with the last pick.

Host a Cookie Swap

Christmas cookies are a holiday staple, but there’s only so much baking one person can do. Expand your horizons by hosting a neighborhood cookie swap. Each person bakes a few dozen of a single variety, then everyone gets together for an evening of festive merriment to split the haul.

Make a Yule Log.

This French confection, also called the buche de Noel, is a log-shaped cake traditionally served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve, according to Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas.

Dress your Pet.

Your cat or dog probably won’t like us much for suggesting this one, but it’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh! Another idea? Feature your pet on your annual Christmas card. (Face it: It’s way easier than trying to get the rest of the family organized.) Just make sure to never, ever leave your pet unattended while still dressed in his or her costume. SOURCE: OPRAH DAILY

We hope you have have lots of fun incorporating these few unique Christmas traditions for this holiday season.

Christmas is a time of giving, and we’d like to give you a huge THANK YOU, for being our cherished clients.

Have a happy happy holiday season and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming New Year best wishes for 2022 from Vianca and Martha Pino, Viamar Homes.

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