Is Cape Coral a place for retirement?

Yes, it is! Retirement is one of those stages in our lives where we want to find the best place ever and Cape Coral in Florida is definitely one of those places. Here at some important points for you to consider: 1. Taxes are still low compared to others cities in the country. When youContinue reading “Is Cape Coral a place for retirement?”


What Renovations are you Wanting at Home?

Many homeowners love to engage in small renovations projects during the weekends. Some times is a good idea. Other times, the small simple projects become a nightmare and a big monster to conquer. Today, after doing hundreds of renovations myself, I can tell you that some renovations should be left to the professionals. But someContinue reading “What Renovations are you Wanting at Home?”

Is the “American Dream” still possible to working families?

Get a job. Save money. Get married. Have kids. Buy a home to raise your family… does it sound familiar? How many millions of families have this dream, better yet, they have the so-called “American Dream”? Now, the deeper question is: Is it possible in today’s world? Is it possible for the regular middle classContinue reading “Is the “American Dream” still possible to working families?”

How to Sleep Better in your Viamar Home?

We all agree that enjoying a good night sleep is crucial to keep us healthy. But many people suffer every night with less than perfect sleep patterns. Lack of proper sleep will get you cranky, in a bad mood and very irritable. Your performance level at work or in your business will be affected.. andContinue reading “How to Sleep Better in your Viamar Home?”

Why Cape Coral, Florida is truly one desirable destination for families and investors?

How we pick and choose our homes is crucial to our well being. Families prefer a place where is safe for kids to grow up, where you can work and where you can easily go shopping as a local resident. If you are a real estate investor, you will want to invest in an areaContinue reading “Why Cape Coral, Florida is truly one desirable destination for families and investors?”