Why Cape Coral in Florida?

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The city of Cape Coral in Florida is one ideal place to own property. If you are thinking to retire, raise your family or solidify your investment portfolio, you can be certain that you will make the best decision.

Now, the picture above is certainly very beautiful, but Cape Coral is even more attractive to both families and real estate investors.

Cape Coral has incredible amenities and from the stand point of buying a home is simply perfect. The property values are within market reach. The local economy is pretty stable. Many baby boomers own property here so they can spend the winter time in Florida with awesome weather conditions and in some cases, rent the property as a vacation rental when they are away.

Viamar Homes is proud to bring a new approach to the marketplace. The new Viamar Model will allow for families to own a piece of heaven at a price they can truly afford, with lots of space, and with a plan to pay off the new home in 5-7 years.


We sincerely invite you to speak with a Home Expert Advisor today and explore the benefits of home ownership in the beautiful City of Cape Coral . Feel free to call (786)663-0514 now!