Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, Why use them?

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The EPA ( The Environmental Protection Agency is an independent executive agency of the United States federal government tasked with environmental protection matters) recently found that tap water had over 200 unregulated chemicals in it, so it’s no surprise that people around the world are turning to water filtration systems to ensure that they have pure, clean  drinking water. 

Water is a precious gift and consuming clean water is the number one benefit for our health. This is the reason we decided to include the Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems to all of our homes. We believe it is of utmost importance to be able to drink clean water from every faucet throughout the home.

Let’s start by explaining what’s Reverse Osmosis water filtration, it is a technology used to remove any contaminants that come in the form of molecules.

The system works by eliminating molecular compounds of sizes smaller than water. The process can be compared to squeezing out what is good and throwing undesired residue away. There are thousands of compounds that can make water unhealthy for human and animal consumption.

These compounds include iron, lead, calcium, and manganese among others. Reverse osmosis has been found to be the most effective purification method that can rid the water of these molecular compounds. This method has been lauded as the best in purifying water for industrial and printing processes that require only mineral-free water.

Filtered water can remove cryptosporidium. According to the CDC, reverse osmosis water does not contain cryptosporidium, a parasite found in contaminated water. Once ingested, this parasite affects the small intestines, causing stomach cramps and fever. (Source: Drink Optimum)

Clean drinkable
water from every faucet.

A reverse osmosis system is easy to maintain, often only needing to change filters as necessary. Regardless if you have an under sink water filter, countertop or refrigerator filter system, they are all relatively low maintenance.

As a Viamar Home Owner you will have peace of mind knowing your home will have great-quality drinking water.

How to Keep your Home Smelling Fresh All Day Everyday?

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Smell is a very powerful sense, and it can override your other four senses if something stinky comes your way.

How your home smells can leave a big impression to your guests, so your home’s scent is just as important as its appearance.

Scents can absolutely improve your mood because they are closely linked to the parts of our brain that process memory and emotion. Certain scents can trigger childhood or other positive memories.

By using fragrance throughout your home, it can help create the perfect ambience and might just be the finishing touch to making your house feel more like home. 

Besides, it’s always nice to hear “your home smells so good!” when you are receiving guests… Now, to the big question, How Do You Keep Each Room of Your Home Smelling Fresh?

  • In your Kitchen, use citrus-based scents like lemon,  lime,  grapefruit and  tangerine  which are bright and fresh, with the added benefit of neutralising unsavoury smells.
  • In your Bedroom, opt to use lavender scent. It is the most well-known and researched of all scents, it reduces the heart rate and lowers blood pressure to help you relax and sleep better.
  • In your Living Room, which is the perfect spot for gathering, try scents featuring herbs like basil or sage, or fruits such as green apple, grapefruit or   pomegranate for a more clean and fresh feel.
  • In your Bathrooms, is a well known fact that the smells in your bathrooms are difficult to control but utilizing the right scents you can create the perfect spa expirience. Try using ginger or eucalyptus to help you unwind, or you can try breezier scents which will remind you of the seaside like sea salt, seaweed and  driftwood.
  • In your Home Office Space, you can use lemon. Yes, lemon, is proven to increase alertness, resulting in higher productivity rates when diffused through an office.

Before you start adding pleasant scents to your home, you need to make sure there aren’t any underlying smells that could give your new scents a funky edge.

In our Viamar Home we opted to include tile flooring throughout the home, because we live in a humid climate, we wanted to avoid wall-to-wall carpeting, which can trap moisture, thus making your home smell musty.

We also include a double front door and four glass sliding doors that can make it easy to air out your home getting rid of all kinds of smells and bringing in the exterior freshness.

Keep Your Yard Bug Free.

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It is Summer time!!!

Since your outdoor space is where your summer memories will be made, the last thing you want to think about is bugs… all kinds of bugs.

Many homeowners, especially those with children want to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins… then how do you effectivly get rid of bugs?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are environmental reasons to avoid pesticides.

Here are few non toxic ways to keep mosquitoes, ticks, roaches, love bugs and other insects out of your outdoor sanctuary.

  • Try an outdoor bug zapper. These do not emit any scent or sound; rather, they work by luring insects to a UV light, which then electrocutes them.
  • Switch out any traditional incandescent bulbs with warm-colored LEDs, like orange or yellow hues. 
  • Use citronella candles in your outdoor space. These candles are an easy and affordable option and they smell good too. You can also plant citronella plants all around your patio.
  • Preventative maintenance is the best repellent, keep your yard groomed and tidy.
  • You can also consider a patio enclosure to keep the bugs out in the first place.

We decided to include a covered lanai to our Viamar model as homeowners ourselves we figured it would be a favorite family gathering space, so if it’s enclosed it would be completely bug free🐞🕷🕸!!

As you spend more time outdoors you can also purchase a bug repellant spray for yourself to keep all the insect bites away from you.

Closet Organization Just got Easier.

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The way you organize your closet will be determined based on the size of your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Keep in mind that maintaining an organized closet is an on going process.

First we will advise you to, de-clutter your space by selecting only the pieces of clothing you want to stay with, this includes shoes, belts and purses. Tip, if you have clothes, shoes and purses you have not worn in over 3 months, is time for them to go.

Taking everything out also allows us to see exactly what we have so we can make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.

Once you select all your pieces, try them on, make sure you really want to stay with them. The unwanted pieces can be donated to a charity of your choice. Thank them for the time you enjoyed wearing them, gratitude will allow new items to come into your life.

Tip: A clean and organized closet is the best, it helps you with your morning routine saving you time. Now you can enjoy breakfast with your family before dropping them off to school.

Create a system for your closet. Clothes will be easier to find if you separate them by type.

For example, put all dress shirts together, all casual shirts together, all short sleeved shirts together, all pants together, all skirts yogether, all dresses together, you get the point. This system will save you time and energy every morning, thus, giving you more time to enjoy your coffee with your loved one.

Viamar Home model has 4 bedrooms with excellent closet space.

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Keep in mind that an organized closet helps create clarity and begins your day with a positive attitude. You will no longer have to stress over getting dressed. As women it is important for us to have a place that we can call our own and our closet can be our happy place!

Ways to Bring Positivity Into Your Home.

Your space at home can drastically affect your mood.

Let’s try this, ask yourself the following questions: How does your home feel? Is it where you enjoy spending time? Does it bring you enthusiasm, excitement, peace and relaxation?

If your answers were, I am not sure, maybe, perhaps, I don’t know… No worries, the following question will really make you think… It is possible to bring more positivity into your life???? And the answer is, YES,YES AND YES.

Here are a few ways that will help you kick out old, bad vibes and invite lots of positive energy into your home.

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▪De-clutter your home. Get rid of things you don’t need

▪ Make your bed everyday. It feels real good to come home and see your bed is made. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

▪Add fresh flowers. Add plants all throughout the home. Flowers and plants are mood boosters. Bring nature inside your own home. 

▪Transform the energy in the entire space by bringing healing crystals. Crystals are good to cleanse bad vibes and lift the mood up.

▪Open up your windows and curtains and let as much natural light in as you can.

▪Colors can greatly affect our moods and behavior, this is why, is super important that you have the right colors for all the rooms and decor in your home. 

▪Light up the senses by lighting up some candles throughout the home. Find candles that are simple, non toxic and soothing.
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All kinds of positive vibes live in the walls of your home, in the plants, flowers, crystals and the breaths of each human living in your space.

Positive energy makes everyone feel good. Light up your mood and usher good luck vibes in your home by keeping the above-mentioned things in your mind.