Is Cape Coral a place for retirement?

Yes, it is!

Retirement is one of those stages in our lives where we want to find the best place ever and Cape Coral in Florida is definitely one of those places.


Here at some important points for you to consider:

1. Taxes are still low compared to others cities in the country.

When you see cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles… they sound exciting, but owning properties there is very costly. And even in some states, you will be doubled taxes, state and federal.

Now, Florida a is desirable state to be in. And Cape Coral is very very convenient. Property taxes are very reasonable.

2. Property values.

The Real Estate market in Cape Coral is pretty stable and cautiously predictable. There are several developers building new homes and the overall population is steadily growing. The vacation rental space is extremely good especially in those months when snow birds need a place where to spend a few months.

3. Cost of living.

For those retirees that are in a budget, it is important to find groceries, beauty salons, barbershops, and many items at a price they can afford within their retirement income.

4. Safety.

Cape Coral is one of those cities in the entire United States where the criminal rate is one of the lowest. It is extremely safe to be in the streets even at very late hours.

5. Entertainment.

For fun… there is plenty to do. Many restaurants. Golf. Boating. Fishing. Bird watching. Just to mention a few!

6. Weather.

All year around you will enjoy wonderful temperatures. On summer months will be hot, but perfect for boating, fishing and doing all kind of outdoors activities. On winter months you will be able to still do the same you do on summer…lol…

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What Renovations are you Wanting at Home?

Many homeowners love to engage in small renovations projects during the weekends. Some times is a good idea. Other times, the small simple projects become a nightmare and a big monster to conquer.

Today, after doing hundreds of renovations myself, I can tell you that some renovations should be left to the professionals. But some you will enjoy if you have the right mindset, the time and the skills.


Here are 10 tips to make your small renovation projects a success and a delightful time at home:

1.- Before you start, have a clear idea what is the final result you want to accomplish… In other words, start with the end in mind.

2.- Create a step by step process that goes well with your skill level and your personality.

3.- If you are going to share this project with someone else, make sure they clearly understand what is required from them and that they are willing to help you before you start.

4.-  Allocate plenty of time to do your project.

5.- Know where are you going to dispose of the old materials or excess debris generated during the renovation.

6.- Break down the steps in small shunks.

7.- Take breaks… and breathe… you got this!

8.- Use your intelligence over your physical strength to make it easier for you when applicable.

9.- Clean up any mess you created.

10.- And the most important tip here: “HAVE FUN ALL THROUGHOUT THE RENOVATION”.


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Is the “American Dream” still possible to working families?

Get a job. Save money. Get married. Have kids. Buy a home to raise your family… does it sound familiar? How many millions of families have this dream, better yet, they have the so-called “American Dream”?

Now, the deeper question is: Is it possible in today’s world? Is it possible for the regular middle class family with regular jobs? Where in the world is this dream still possible?

Here is the answer: CAPE CORAL in Florida!


My name is Ms. Pino and as a business woman, real estate developer and investor, I can tell you that the City of Cape Coral is ideal to raise a family, enjoy a retired lifestyle and even build a successful business.

For quite some time, I had been searching for a place where my heart would beat at a higher rate with excitement. I must say, I looked, visited, explored, researched several states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, California, Nevada… and many cities like Davie, Homestead, The Florida Keys, San Marco Island, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sedona… just to mention a few.

There is only one that I chose: CAPE CORAL in Florida.

Cape Coral is very unique! It’s that place where families will be able to afford a good size home, a new home at a price that is reasonable. It’s that place where the kids can still play in the street and be safe. It’s that place where VIAMAR HOMES, my new company will build luxuriously affordable homes that will make the entire community very proud.

If you are thinking of owning a home, consider Cape Coral… and feel free to reach out to me directly. I will be happy to share my expertise and guide you best on what is most important to you.

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How to Sleep Better in your Viamar Home?

We all agree that enjoying a good night sleep is crucial to keep us healthy. But many people suffer every night with less than perfect sleep patterns.

Lack of proper sleep will get you cranky, in a bad mood and very irritable. Your performance level at work or in your business will be affected.. and consequently, your overall results, including your financial results.


Here are some recommendations to improve your sleep:

1.- Keep a regular time to go to bed, including weekends.

2.- Don’t go to bed with your stomach full or with too much alcohol or coffee in your system… because chances are that you will feel very uncomfortable and your sleep will the very irregular.

3.- Study yourself and discover what best suits you to fall sleep peacefully.

4.- Don’t watch violent shows or movies before you go to sleep, especially if you have a TV in your room.

5.- Develop a relaxing ritual to allow your body to fall sleep without any resistance, naturally is best.

There many awesome ideas to sleep better, but we rather keep it simple and short.

Now, do you want to sleep in your own brand new home? Then VIAMAR HOMES will make it happen for you.

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Why Cape Coral, Florida is truly one desirable destination for families and investors?

How we pick and choose our homes is crucial to our well being. Families prefer a place where is safe for kids to grow up, where you can work and where you can easily go shopping as a local resident.

If you are a real estate investor, you will want to invest in an area where you can easily rent your homes, where there is little risk of vandalism and where the home values appreciate consistently.

CAPE CORAL in Florida is that place!

Cape Areal_c(1).jpg


Here is an awesome website you can explore and get even more information about the demographic, the schools, median income, crime rate and real estate in Cape.

Click this link: 

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